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Mamajoo Spare Bottle Pacifier 2-Piece 12 Months + Xl

Hipp Organic Banana Apple Pear Puree 100 gr Mamajoo Spare Bottle Pacifier 2-Piece 12 Months + Xl Mamajoo Spare Bottle Pacifier 2-Piece 6 Months +
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Mamajoo Spare Bottle Pacifier 2-Piece 12 Months + Xl

Made of transparent, odorless and tasteless high quality silicone, Mamajoo nipples do not contain Bisphenol-A substances like all Mamajoo baby bottles and are ideally soft for babies.

Mamajoo baby bottle pacifiers have an anti-colic valve that helps prevent air swallowing by providing a continuous fluid flow while babies are feeding, in order to help reduce the risk of "baby colic". Large Mamajoo Baby Bottle Pacifiers, designed in the form closest to the mother's breast to support the natural sucking movement of the baby, stretch like breastfeeding thanks to the spirals on them. This feature is designed to make babies feel just like they are sucking from their mother's breast. Thus, mothers can combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding when necessary and feed their babies with breast milk for a longer period of time.

Mamajoo Baby Bottle Pacifiers support active feeding. Since the holes in the Mamajoo bottle pacifiers are especially designed to increase the fluid flow as the baby suckles, both the development of the sucking instinct of the baby and the equal effort of breastfeeding are supported. The smallest size (S) bottle nipples, which are produced especially for babies who are mainly breastfed in the newborn period, are designed to be less flowing than standard bottle teat so that babies do not get used to the convenience of bottle feeding.

Since babies will need more food and flow rate as they grow, it is very important to choose and use the right bottle teat that provides the right flow rate for their development. Also, babies should not be fed less than they need. Mamajoo pacifier packages are marked to help find suitable month and flow rates for babies. It should be noted that these signs are only approximate to guide you in your choice, and babies develop differently. Mamajoo Baby Bottle Pacifiers offer 4 different flow rate options that provide fluid flow suitable for the development of growing babies.

Mamajoo feeding bottle pacifiers were packaged with a storage box, thus providing consumers with an economical and user-friendly product, as well as an environmentally friendly packaging solution that was not disposable. The storage box in the product package can be sterilized by boiling or sterilizer and can be reused for hygienic storage of baby bottle pacifiers.

Highly reliable, BPA-free and healthy Mamajoo baby bottle nipples are the most ideal feeding product for your baby after breastfeeding, with both their ergonomic design and anti-colic valve system.

The anti-colic valve in the Mamajoo bottle teat helps prevent the risk of babies swallowing air during feeding.

Presented in the form closest to the mother's breast, the Mamajoo bottle nipple is designed to stretch thanks to the spirals on it while breastfeeding, just like breastfeeding.

The tasteless and odorless silicone Mamajoo nipple makes it easy to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding.


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