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Advanced Vitamin C+HA3 Daily Serum ARTISTRY Skin Nutrition™

Artistry Advanced Vitamin C+HA Daily Serum Amway Skin Nutrition
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Advanced Vitamin C+HA3 Daily Serum ARTISTRY Skin Nutrition™


What It Does For You

  • Dramatically brightens skin and reveals a more even-toned, radiantly healthy look
  • Visibly reduces the look of lines, wrinkles and expression lines, and plumps skin with hydration
  • Provides powerful antioxidant protection to help prevent visible damage caused by environmental aggressors
  • Amplifies your existing Artistry Skin Nutrition™ regimen, addressing the REBUILD Skin Nutritional Requirement
  • Complements the beneficial effects of your Artistry Skin Nutrition moisturiser


Why You Would Like It

Artistry Skin Nutrition Vitamin C+HA3 Daily Serum is a high-performance, multi-benefit brightening serum that fights visible lines and wrinkles, and plumps your skin with every fresh drop, leaving it looking and feeling its healthy best. Building on the success of the previous formula, Vitamin C+HA3 Daily Serum is better than ever. Compared to the previous product, the upgraded formula delivers:


  • 2X more Vitamin C (now 10%)
  • 2.4X more antioxidant power
  • 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid for more hydration
  • Nutriway™-grown White Chia Seed
  • Formula developed according to Artistry™ Clean Beauty standards
  • Faster results

Facts For You


  • After just one use, 83% said it makes skin lookbrighter, with ayouthful radiance
  • In just 5 days, 84% said itbrightenedtheir skin and 8 out of 10 said it leaves skin lookingmore even toned
  • With just one bottle, 87% said it helped their skinlook and feel its healthy best.

    Key Features

    • This super-enriched Artistry Skin Nutrition formula includes 10% Vitamin C – the highest-ever concentration in an Artistry formula. It’s an ingenious blend of 100% Pure Vitamin C housed in an innovative Activating Cap, as well as phytonutrient-enhanced Vitamin C from Nutriway-grown Acerola Cherry Extract in the serum.
    • Contains the highest-ever concentration of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in an Artistry formula. The carefully constructed Artistry HA3 Triple Hyaluronic Acid Fusion works on multiple levels to address the natural loss of HA that can emphasise the look of lines and wrinkles and the loss of elasticity and firmness.
    • Features a Line-Smoothing Peptide Blend that contains two proven peptides to help neutralise the effects of facial movements on creating future lines – helping protect skin against micro-stresses and helping slow the transition of expressions into visible lines.
    • Contains White Chia Seed grown on our own sustainable Nutriway farm. Regarded as one of nature’s richest superfoods, White Chia Seed Liposome delivers skin-boosting benefits deep within skin’s surface. This helps the serum strengthen skin’s vital moisture barrier and maintain moisture levels, which is imperative for healthy-looking skin.
    • Follows the Artistry Clean philosophy, which means it’s registered with The Vegan Society, free from animal-derived ingredients, is not tested on animals and is formulated with no mineral oil, no parabens, no phthalates, no sulfate surfactants and no cyclic silicones. In short, it’s formulated to be kind to your skin and the planet.

    How To Use

    1. Before first use, follow the instructions to activate the product.
    2. Apply every morning and evening after cleansing and toning your skin.
    3. Place 4-5 drops of the activated Daily Serum onto the palm, then apply to face with fingertips.
    4. Apply all over, while avoiding direct contact with eyes.
    5. Follow with other treatment serums as desired, and your moisturiser.


    • Vitamin C to help brighten, firm, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and provide antioxidant protection
    • HA3 Triple Hyaluronic Acid Fusion to address the natural loss of HA that can emphasize the look of lines and wrinkles
    • Line-Smoothing Peptide Blend to help protect skin against micro-stresses and slow the transition of expressions into visible lines
    • White Chia Seed to address oiliness and dryness/tightness, and to strengthen skin’s vital moisture barrier and maintain moisture levels.


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