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Authentic Turkish Istanbul Lockt Premium Rug

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Authentic Turkish Istanbul Lockt Premium Rug

Our Istanbul Serie carpets are woven by modernizing vintage patterns with today's techniques. Even though it is a machine-woven carpet, it gives the feeling of a hand-knitted carpet. What distinguishes our Istanbul Serie from others are; it is heavy, seated, thick and draped.

The carpets can be used with peace of mind in all areas of your home. They do not produce lint, they do not hold dust and they do not hold traces from the furniture placed on them and can be easily cleaned. Remember that a great carpet has the power to redecorate your room.


When your carpet needs cleaning, you can wash it without using bleach.


You can choose to vacuum your carpet using a brushless tip. It is suitable for sweeping with a robot vacuum cleaner.

Stain Removal:

If a liquid is spilled on your carpet, you should use a paper towel to absorb the excess liquid with buffer movements. Then, without spreading the stain around, you should wipe it with the help of a cloth, using cold water and natural soap, with buffer movements. You should not step on the area you wiped until it is dry.


Acrylic, Cotton, Viscose