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Bepanthol Baby Anti Rash Cream 30 G

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Bepanthol® Baby Pişik Önleyici Krem 30 G

Bepanthol® Baby Anti Rash Cream helps prevent diaper rash.

It moisturizes the skin with 5% Provitamin B5 in its content.

It helps to keep baby skin moist, soft, smooth and flexible by protecting the skin's barrier function.

The lanolin contained in its content, with its lubricating effect on the skin, reduces friction, which is one of the causes of diaper rash.

With its permeable structure, it helps moisturize the skin without preventing the skin from breathing.

Does not contain perfume.

It does not contain preservatives.

Does not contain colorant.

It is suitable for use at every diaper change.

With its non-sticky structure, it provides extra comfort to babies and easy cleaning for mothers.

Especially in the first months, your baby has a very sensitive skin. They are born perfectly but many factors can pose a threat to their sensitive skin. Bepanthol® Baby has been specially developed to protect your tiny baby's sensitive skin against negative factors.

Use of:

It is recommended to apply a thin layer of Bepanthol® Anti-Diaper Ointment to your baby's clean, dry buttocks after each diaper change.

Bepanthol® Anti Rash Ointment provides comfort to the baby as well as to the mother as it is easily cleaned with its non-sticky structure.