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Doğadan Probiyotikli Rooibos Tea 14 pcs 26.6 G

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Doğadan Probiyotikli Rooibos Çay 14'lü 26,6 G

Doğadan Probiotic Rooibos Tea supports your immune system with probiotics. All you need is a cup hot water and enjoy your Probiotic Rooibos Tea. 

The most popular Doğadan tea varieties came together with probiotics. Thanks to the probiotics it contains, Doğadan Probiotic Teas, which help support the immune system and regulate the digestive system, are in the flavor of your usual favorite tea.

Every time you want to get probiotic support, only 1 mug and hot water is enough.


Thanks to the protective shield other than the probiotics in the probiotic tea from nature, it continues to live in hot water without losing its effect and is also protected from stomach acids. Only when it reaches the gut does it become active and spread its goodness.

Probiotics help support the immune system and regulate the digestive system in regular use.

How do probiotics live in hot tea?
Thanks to the protective shield on the outside, it lives at high temperatures and does not turn into an active form until it reaches the appropriate environment (intestinal environment).

How does probiotic tea show its effect?
Daily regular consumption is recommended to benefit from the positive effects of probiotic tea. Thus, it helps to regulate the digestive system and strengthen immunity by increasing the good bacteria in the intestinal flora.

How many cups should I consume per day?
There are 200 million probiotics in each cup of Doğadan probiotic tea. You can consume it safely within your daily tea routine.

The content of the product does not contain preservatives and additives, etc. Is there?
Doğadan Probiotic Tea does not contain any preservatives or additives.

Does the filter paper used in probiotic teas have a negative effect on health?
The main material of the filter paper used in Doğadan tea bags is Abaca tree. "Abaca" is a completely tropical, annual, fibrous crop in close proximity to a banana tree. The pulp obtained naturally from abaca tree fibers is used as the main material of filter paper in the production of tea bags, due to its porous structure and durability, excellent percolation and insoluble in water. There is a certificate of conformity to food.