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Emsan Troy Enamel 3-Piece Storage Box Red (3 lü Emaye Saklama Kabı)

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Collection: Best Sellers, Home and Kitchen

Vendor: Emsan

Emsan Troy Enamel 3-Piece Storage Box Red (3 lü Emaye Saklama Kabı)

"If you need a storage container to store your meals safely, you are in the right place. Emsan Troy Enamel 3-Piece Storage Box Red can be used to store both cooked and ready-to-cook foods. The set consisting of 3 enamel storage containers and plastic lids is handy for everyone.
It has the most pleasant shade of red, one of the colors that best suits kitchens. Cup cover part circle is in bright gold gilding color. Enamel storage containers can be used to store cooked foods in the refrigerator, as well as during the heating phase for serving. Cooker can be used for heating other than induction cookers. During the cleaning phase, it should not be rubbed with very hard brushes and wires. It is used without a lid when the container is placed on the stove while heating the food. It can be preferred to perform both storage and heating processes together with a single container. For other storage container types or similar products, you can visit the Kitchenware category.

What can you do
You can put your ready-to-cook foods in the storage containers and keep them in the refrigerator by closing the lid. You can save the leftovers that have been cooked for the next meal. You can store the foods consumed by heating in these containers to keep them fresh. After you take the frozen foods out of the freezer, you can put them in the storage containers and wait for their defrosting. You can then cook or heat it on the stove. "
Emsan Troy Enamel 3-Piece Storage Box Red

A new, healthy and colorful interpretation from Emsan to enamel products that have been used fondly for many years ...

A glassy coating is obtained by firing the enamel material on the metal at 800 ° C. Therefore, it is resistant to scratches. It preserves its brightness for years like the first day.

Troy Enamel Storage Containers are available in red, white and black colors.

All kinds of hot and cold food can be stored in Troy Enamel Storage Containers.

14-16-18 cm

Material: Enamel

Suitable for induction cooker use.
It is washed in the dishwasher.
It can be used without a lid on the stove.
For the longevity of the titanium coating edge, we do not recommend using it in the oven.