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Knorr Broth Bouillon 24 Pack 240 G

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Vendor: Knorr

Knorr Beef Broth adds an irresistible taste to your meals in 24 Packs for the Price of 18 Pieces. Knorr Broth bouillons are produced from delicious meats obtained from reliable meat producers, fully checked and without added animal fat, bone or offal. Boiled and dried meats are flavored with carefully selected spices. It is recommended to use two "Knorr Meat Bouillon" for one liter of food. It is suitable for using in your hot and juicy dishes, sauces, soups and pilafs. It is recommended to taste before adding any extra seasoning. Knorr Broth does not contain any preservatives. This package, which contains 24 bouillons for the price of 18, is very economical and brings its flavor to your tables for a longer time.

For a good pilaf that you will prepare with Knorr Meat Bouillon;

Fry 2 cups (350 gr.) of washed rice with 3 tablespoons (45 ml) of vegetable oil. Dissolve 2 Knorr broth tablets in 3 glasses (600 ml.) of hot water to pour over. Then add this mixture to your rice. Cook your rice on low heat and covered. After you draw the water well, turn off the bottom and let it brew. Serve hot.

You can buy Knorr Meat Juice from the Bouillons category of Migros Virtual Market, order online with a single click, pay online or at the door with a credit card and receive it within the same day.

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Usage Suggestions
For your pilaf, fry 2 cups (335g) of washed rice with 3 spoons (45ml) of oil. Dissolve 1 Knorr broth tablet in 3 cups (600ml) of hot water and add it. Cook on low heat and serve hot. For your soups; dissolve 1 Knorr broth tablet in 5 glasses of hot water by mixing and add the broth you have prepared to your soups.

Net Quantity (g/ml)


Iodized salt, vegetable oil (palm), flavor enhancers (monosodium glutamate disodium inosinate disodium guanylate), starch, thickener (xanthan gum), flavorings, sugar, vinegar powder, dried ground onion, dried ground carrot, dried ground beef, dried ground celery.

Allergen warning
May contain traces of wheat, eggs, milk and dairy products, mustard, soy, pine nuts and sesame.

Storage Conditions
Store in a cool and dry environment

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