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Knorr Broth Tablet Bouillon (Et Suyu Tablet Bulyon) 120 G

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Have you tried Knorr Broth Bouillon before, which adds flavor to your meals?

Knorr's bouillons allow you to reach your favorite broth flavor in an easy and practical way. You can make a unique touch to the dishes with the indispensable taste of the broth! To the juicy home-cooked meal, rice, hot soup, sauces you prepared for dinner; You can use broth bouillon in all your favorite dishes. Thanks to its easily and homogeneously dispersed structure, Knorr Broth Bouillon allows you to enjoy the same taste in every spoonful of your meal. With the unique flavor of the broth, Knorr Broth Bouillon leaves a mark on your palate and offers guaranteed flavor in every meal.

It is very easy to prepare flavor-rich dishes without the need for extra seasoning and salt, with Knorr's meat bouillons! Open one Knorr Broth Bouillon tablet and dissolve it in a bowl of hot water. Add the melted bouillon directly to the water of your meals and enjoy the flavor of the broth.

Do you know how Knorr Broth Bouillon is prepared before it meets your meals and kitchen? As Knorr, we carefully select and prepare everything for you. We boil the selected quality beef for hours on a slow fire, then we dry it. We enrich the flavor of the broth with salt and spices, and pack it carefully for you. This is how we prepare our broth tablet to meet you and your meticulously prepared meals. Try Knorr Broth Bouillon, crown your meals with its rich and high quality content.


Dissolve one tablet of Knorr Broth Bouillon in a bowl with hot water and combine with your meals.

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Net Quantity (g/ml)


Iodized salt, vegetable oil (palm), flavor enhancers (monosodium glutamate, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate), starch, thickener, (xanthan gum), flavorings, sugar, vinegar powder, dried ground onion, dried ground carrot, dried ground beef, dried ground celery.

Allergen warning
May contain traces of wheat, eggs, milk and dairy products, mustard, soy, pine, peanuts and sesame.

Storage Conditions
Store in a cool and dry environment

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