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Şıpsevdi Strawberry & Banana Chewing Gum (Şıpsevdi Çilek ve Muz Aromalı) 100pcs

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Şıpsevdi Strawberry&Banana Flavored Chewing Gum 100pcs

Şıpsevdi Çilek ve Muz Aromalı Şekerli Balonlu Sakız 100'lü

Şıpsevdi Strawberry & Banana Flavored Gum package contains 100 strawberry and banana flavored gums. Chewing gums with a combination of strawberry and banana flavors leave an unforgettable pleasant taste on your palate. The fun drawings on the bubble gum packaging make you happy throughout the day.

Chewing gum, which is beneficial for oral and dental health, also helps your digestive system work faster and relax. You can also share the individual gum in Şıpsevdi Strawberry & Banana Flavored Gum packages, which is an economical package we offer in our chewing gum category, with your loved ones.