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Torku Mevlana Şekeri Sade (Mevlana Candy) 450 g

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Torku Mevlana Şekeri Sade (Mevlana Candy) 450 g

Torku Mevlana Candy Plain; Mevlana candy of the Torku brand, which is one of the candies with an appearance like a white cloud that we have been offering to guests and children during holidays, which has been our culture and tradition for centuries, is sold in packages with a large size option.

Mevlana candies, which are highly appreciated for their hard exterior and interior and sweet taste, are Torku Mevlana Candy Plain; It is packaged to ensure that it remains fresh for a long time. One of its remarkable features is that it can be stored for a long time thanks to this feature.

It is possible to satisfy your sweet tooth by purchasing Mevlana candy with your coffee or tea.

Mevlana candy, which is sold plain, is also sold with different flavors and sweeteners, such as strawberry or peanut. You can have the opportunity to share the Torku Mevlana candy, which you will buy before the Eid and put in treats, with your loved ones, your family, your spouse and your friends on the Eid day.