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Oduman Smoke Drift Hookah Shisha Nargile

Oduman Gusto XS Hookah Shisha Nargile Oduman Smoke Drift Hookah Shisha Nargile Oduman Hybrid V2 White Hookah Shisha Nargile
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Oduman Smoke Drift Hookah Shisha Nargile

It's Drift Time!

Smoke Drift will make you feel like you are in a race while smoking a hookah.

The product has 5 color options. (black/blue/gold yellow/red/silver gray)
Manufactured using 1st class quality glassware as all glasses are handmade.
All parts of the hookah are made of aluminum. (Parts working in water are stainless steel.)
All aluminum parts are coated with anodized coating to prevent oxidation.
There is a diffuser on the pipe that enters the water, providing quiet and comfortable drinking.
It has a discharge valve. In this way, when the tobacco is burned, the smoke in the chamber can be easily expelled.
The hoses are made of silicone used in the food industry, they are 1.5 meters long.
There are special pattern prints on the hookah that are resistant to burning and do not have blistering and peeling problems.
It has an easy screwing system.
There is a closed chamber system.
The length of the product is 23.6 inches (60 cm) and the largest diameter is 7.8 inches (20 cm).
It has a 9.8 inches (25 cm) lance length.
The weight of the hookah is 6.8lb (3.1kg). (May vary as it is a handmade item.)
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