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Arabic Ottoman Middle Eastern Hookah Nargile

Humanity recognized tobacco before Christ. Noticing the pleasure of tobacco leaves burned for worship, people have since accepted it as an indispensable part of their lives. According to its intended use, it varied in various civilizations. Sometimes it was chewed in the mouth, smoked as a cigar, cigarette, pipe, and even cologne was made. However, to this day, the only thing in which tobacco was smoked in harmony with the most was the hookah. The hookah went through many stages until it became what it is today. The Indians started the pioneering of hookah enjoyment by burning the dried tobacco-like layer outside of the coconut with the straw they inserted into the walnut. That's why the name of hookah in eastern culture; It comes from the Persian word “nargil” meaning coconut. The hookah, which was pioneered by the Indians with coconuts, gave way to pumpkins over time, and gradually to porcelain and bronze bodies. Today, it is used as tile, silver and glass body. Turcamart Now Offers Ottoman Arabic Middle Eastern type Hookahs, Shishas, Nargiles. Free Expedited Shipping.