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Moser 1400 Hair Clipper Professional Barber Classic Corded Red

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Moser 1400 Hair Clipper Professional Barber Classic Corded Red

Please advise that this item comes with EU plug. The Input voltage is 220-240V, thus this item will not work in USA, Canada, Japan and other countries with 100-120V, unless you are using a step-up converter, it has 2 pin EU PLUG.

Moser Hair Clipper 1400; It offers perfect shaving pleasure with its ergonomic structure, stylish design and practical use.
The chrome-plated original MOSER-sharp shaving set has been produced to the highest quality for long-lasting use and has been tried and tested millions of times.
Its 3000 rpm special motor, which can work non-stop, works silently and without vibration.
The normal cutting length of the device is about 0.1 mm excluding the comb adapter.
The cutting length can also be adjusted between 0.7-3 mm during operation.
The product is shipped with a number 1 comb, cleaning brush and oil.

Moser Hair Clipper 1400 Usage

Lubricate the cutting tool.
Plug in the power plug.
Turn on the device with the On/Off switch.
After use, turn off the device with the on/off switch and pull out the power plug.

Moser Hair Clipper 1400 Security

After use, be sure to turn off the device with the on/off switch and pull out the power plug.
Always avoid contact with water or other liquids.
Plug the clipper into an alternating current (AC) socket only when it is turned off.
Before any maintenance and cleaning work, remove the plug from the socket.
Do not wrap the power cord around the device.
Clean the bristles on the cutting set with the cleaning brush after each use.
Wipe the device only with a soft, slightly damp cloth if necessary, do not use solvents or scouring agents.
Lubricate the cutting tool frequently so that the cutting performance of the device is good and permanent.
Keep the tool out of the reach of children.
The device has protective isolation and anti-interference device.
Do not expose the device to temperatures below 0°C or above +40°C for a long time. Avoid direct sun rays.
The device complies with the requirements of the EU directive 2004/108/EC on electromagnetic compatibility and the low voltage directive 2006/95/EG.

Moser Hair Clipper 1400 Technical Features

Cutter comb width: 46 mm
Cutting Thickness: 0.1 – 3 mm
Engine Speed: 3000 / MIN
Dimensions: 175 x 69 x 50 mm
Weight: 520 GR
Electricity usage: 230 V, 50 Hz