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Don't Be Confused by Dates: Understanding TETT or SKT for Turkish products!

by Zachary Ay

Ever received a Turcamart order and wondered what those date markings meant? In Turkey, you might encounter three different abbreviations on your groceries: TETT (Tavsiye Edilen Tüketim Tarihi), SKT (Son Kullanma Tarihi), and sometimes STT (Son Tüketim Tarihi). All three refer to a product's shelf life, but there's a key distinction between TETT and SKT/STT.

  • TETT (Recommended Consumption Date): This indicates the date by which a product is expected to retain its best quality in terms of taste, texture, and aroma. It's usually safe to consume after this date, but the quality might decline slightly.

  • SKT (Son Kullanma Tarihi) & STT (Son Tüketim Tarihi) (Expiry Date): These terms have the same meaning. This is a stricter deadline. After this date, the product's safety might be compromised, and it's best not to consume it.

Understanding Date Formats in Turkey:

Here's another thing to keep in mind: Turkey uses a different date format than the United States. While the US uses MM/DD/YYYY (month/day/year), Turkey follows the DD.MM.YYYY format (day/month/year). So, don't be surprised if you see "01.10.2024" or "01/10/2024" on your product – that translates to October 1st, 2024, in the US format.

Turcamart: Committed to Freshness

At Turcamart, we take food safety seriously. We carefully select products with ample shelf life before their TETT or SKT. While you can't check the exact dates before ordering online, rest assured we prioritize fresh, high-quality groceries for your deliveries.

Here are some tips for managing your groceries upon arrival:

  • Inspect your delivery upon arrival. While you can't check expiry dates beforehand, you can ensure the products haven't been damaged during transit.
  • Pay attention to TETT and SKT/STT markings. Once you receive your order, familiarize yourself with these markings to understand the recommended consumption window.
  • Plan your meals around these dates. Prioritize products with closer TETT dates to ensure optimal quality and freshness.
  • Store your groceries properly. Proper storage (refrigeration, cool, dark spaces) can significantly extend the shelf life of your groceries.

By understanding TETT, SKT, STT, and date formats, you can make informed decisions about consuming your Turcamart purchases and avoid any unnecessary waste. We're here to deliver fresh groceries – let's work together to ensure you enjoy them at their peak!