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How to make Cold Baklava also known as Soguk Baklava?

by Zachary Ay
How to make Cold Baklava also known as Soguk Baklava?

The cold Baklava is 21st century's very innovative Baklava type invented in Fatih, Istanbul. According to Ottoman Empire's records Baklava has been first baked in Topkapi Palace in Istanbul in 1473 in Holly month of Saban. Another record of Evliya Celebi's travel guide proves that the baklava was first invented in 17th century which was served in Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. 

Let's come back to Soguk Baklava Cold Baklava. It's very easy to make with the ingredients that could almost find all at Turcamart.com

Soguk Baklava's Ingredients List

For sherbet;

  • 2 cups sugar
  • A glass of water
  • 2 cups of milk

For between the layers;

For the top;

  • 2 soup spoons of cocoa
  • 1 tablespoon of powdered milk

Note: The powdered milk is good to break the intense taste of cocoa, it may be a little sweet, but you can use powdered sugar. You could also use Nesquik instead. Or you can sprinkle plenty of grated chocolate on top. It all depends on what you would prefer.


- Let's prepare the syrup for our dessert first, take sugar and water in a pot and let it boil. After 5 minutes of boiling, take it off the stove and let it cool.
- Then, take the butter in a small sauce pan or a small saucepan and melt it. While the butter is melting, remove the foam that forms on it with the help of a spoon.
- After the butter melts, take it off the stove and add the melted butter on it and mix it.
- Let's take our baklava phyllo on the counter, place the baking dish we will use on the edge of our phyllo and cut it around with a knife. In this recipe, I used a small baking paper (27cm).
- If you don't want baklava to be too thick, cut the remaining baklava dough and packed it airtight to use in another recipe later.
- Then place the remaining parts of the circle-shaped phyllo dough between them. ( Tip: At this stage, you should keep your phyllo dough between a clean cloth so that it does not dry out. )
- Divide the circle-shaped phyllo dough equally to use on the top and bottom.
Take 1 spoon of our butter mixture on the bottom of our baking tray and brush it all over.
- Then place one of the whole phyllo. Put a few leaves from the remaining pieces on the edges. And sprinkle one more tablespoon of butter.
- Place another circular dough and  put a piece of phyllo on it and drizzle a spoonful of butter melt on it.
- This way, you will line up half of the phyllo on the tray (Let's place all the phyllo pieces on the last two layers.)
- Then let's place the intermediate material of our baklava. I used coarsely ground pistachios ( you can also use hazelnuts or walnuts but I recommend pistachios ).
- Preheat the oven to heat up at 170 °C in the upper and lower fanless setting.
- After placing the pistachios, arrange the phyllo that we set aside for the top, on top of each other, by pouring melted butter between them in the same way.
- After the process of placing the phyllo dough is over, if there are parts that overflow from the edge, cut it with a help of a knife and smear it with oil.
- At this stage we could cut the baklava in desired shape.
- Let's leave our baklava to cook in the oven at 170 °C until the bottom and top are golden brown. Baking it for 1 hour and 10 minutes would make it.
- While the baklava is baking, we could add the milk of our sherbet and let it wait by mixing.
- Let's take our baked baklava from the oven and wait for 10 minutes.
- Let's pour the syrup over the cooled baklava so that it gets all over it. Let it rest for 1 hour to absorb the syrup.
- And now it's time to decorate our baklava. Start it by mixing cocoa with powdered milk. Then covered the baklava with this mixture with the help of a strainer. The cold baklava, which we have rested in the refrigerator, is ready.

You can serve it by garnishing it with powdered peanuts and grated chocolate.

Bon Appetit.